Helpful hints for choosing your airboat tour company

See our helpful hints below before you choose your airboat tour.


Where do you depart?

Is it a cow pasture, private house, public boat ramp? If they don’t have their own Business location this should be the first sign they are not a professional company.


Are you meeting at the departing location?

Companies try to avoid being caught by the law by meeting somewhere else first and taking you to the launch site. Ask if you are parking at the place you’ll be launching from.


Do you have bathrooms?

Some of these companies expect you to go to the restroom in a cow pasture or in the bushes. Be sure they have a bathroom at their launch site.


Are you handicap accessible?

This will help you gauge if the boat ramp you will be leaving from is safe.


Where do you pay?

Do they have a cash register? Do they make you pay in advance or on the boat during a ride? If they can’t take payment at the ramp you may want to ask why. Think about who you are trusting with your credit card information.


We are Central Florida’s Original and Official airboat rides. We have had an established location since 1994 with a store, gift shop, and restrooms. You want to bring your family to the safest and most qualified company so bring them to the name you can trust ~Boggy Creek Airboat Rides~.


Note: The new county law states that companies leaving from a public boat ramp are not allowed to bring more than 3 customers at a time on their boat and they are not to have more than 2 trips per day. Just hope you don’t have 4 or more people in your group and you aren’t the 3rd trip of the day because the police are now waiting at the ramps for these companies.

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