Safety Information

We are Central Florida’s Original & Official airboat rides. We have had an established location since 1994 with a store, gift shop, and restrooms. You want to bring your family to the safest and most qualified company, so bring them to the name you can trust ~Boggy Creek Airboat Rides~.

When choosing an airboat tour for your family or group, remember that safety is as important to us as customer service. Please look over the following safety information before making your choice of what airboat company to use.

Q. What type of license does the captain have?

Captains License allows 6 passengers or less on the airboat. Guide license holder does not have to have U.S. Coast Guard inspected vessels.

Master Captains License allows operator to drive uninspected as well as inspected U.S. Coast Guard vessels. This is required for any captains taking more than 6 paying passengers.

Q. Are all the captains Master Captains?

Some airboat companies use the owners Master Captains license as an umbrella for all captains. Ask for the Master Captains License for YOUR driver to make sure that they are inspected and certified.

Q. Are ALL boats U.S. Coast Guard Inspected and Certified?

Just because the boats are made by a U.S. Coast Guard manufacturer doesn’t mean they are inspected and certified by the Coast Guard. (All U.S. Coast Guard approved boats have a certificate of inspection on board) Also make sure all boats are individually insured.

Q. What is the capacity of the boat?

Make sure you know the capacity of the boat and never exceed the approved limit of passengers. Boats carrying over 6 passengers MUST have ALL of the following:

    1. Airboats MUST have a Certificate of Inspection with all the mandatory safety equipment on board at all times.
    2. Drivers MUST be on a drug consortium.- They will have both pre-hire and random drug testing.
    3. Drivers MUST have a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain’s License not just have a Coast Guard Guide License.

Q. Does the airboat captain feed the wild alligators?

Not only is this illegal, but feeding wild alligators makes them lose their natural fear of humans and very dangerous.


The state of Florida does not require: having insurance on boats or the captains, ADA accessibility or tour guides to have background checks. Please ask for proof of these before you choose your airboat tour company. Remember, having a U.S. Coast Guard Guide License (license for 6 passengers or under) IS NOT the same as having a Master Captain License.

Our Boats

  • All boats are insured and regularly inspected & certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • All boats receive daily maintenance & safety inspections.
  • All have life vests, safety equipment, hearing protection & radios aboard.
  • Quality built by Alumitech
  • 17 & 6 passenger boats available.

Our Captains

  • All captains graduated from mandatory U.S. Coast Guard sea school.
  • All are a U.S. Coast Guard master captain
  • One year of apprenticeship.
  • Random drug testing
  • CPR/ First aid certified
  • Individually insured
  • Background Checks

Please click on any of the certifications below to view them: