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Butterfly Garden Orlando, FL

The Best Butterfly Garden Near Orlando, FL - Lily's Butterfly Garden
& Lorelei's Critters

  • ‬Stroll the Boardwalk through our 60‭ ‬feet long enclosure of native ‭Florida butterflies‭, ‬wildlife and plants‭.‬
  • Educate yourself about over 15‭ ‬varieties of butterflies including‭ ‬the stages from egg‭, ‬caterpillar‭, ‬chrysalis‭  ‬and emerging as a butterfly‭.‬
  • ‬Learn how to attract butterflies to your gardens‭.‬
  • ‬Complimentary admission with purchase of airboat ride‭.‬
  • Butterfly nectar is available to feed the butterflies‭.‬
  • We can host wedding ceremonies for up to 20‭ ‬people‭, Birthday parties and Memorial releases‭.‬

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