Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures FAQ’s

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  • 30 Minute Tours: 9:00am to 5:30pm – Walk-ins only (no reservations) To assure your ride for a walk-in, please arrive by 5:00pm.
  • Specialty Tours: Private, Sunset and Night Rides – book online, if group would like a different time, please call 407-344-9550. If tour is booked before 10:00am or after 5pm – you may enter the park through the gate on the left and go to the dock to wait for your captain. Restrooms are available in the parking pavilion on your left.
  • Last walk-in ride of the day – Arrive 30 minutes before closing. If you arrive after closing, we cannot hold our rides or captains to get you on a ride.
  • Age – No age limits to ride. Infants under 3 are free. Children are 3-10
  • *Large boats – up to 17 passengers. Currently, we try to limit the tours to 15 passengers or less.  If you do not want to go on the ride with other customers, private rides are available for additional cost. On private rides you may go a little faster or slower – it’s your choice.
  • *Smaller boats up to 6 passengers may be available. These boats usually go around 30 miles per hour.


We take you into the headwaters of the Everglades to look for natural wild life.  We have one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles in the world. We also have turtles, raccoons, wild hogs, armadillos, deer and an array of birds such as Sandhill Cranes, Blue Herons, Osceola Turkey, Snail Kites, Osprey, Snowy Egret, Spoonbill, Wood Stork.

Animals are in the wild, we cannot guarantee gator sightings, bird sightings etc. The captains are familiar with the area and each tour is unique and may lead to many different discoveries.

If you want a closer look at alligators grab your binoculars and search for them on the tours. We also have a gator enclosure on property with approximately 35 juvenile alligators. Like our visitors, we love them and have plenty of food for purchase in the gift-shop, but we do not pick them up for to hold or for photos.

Is there a GUARANTEE to see alligators? – ONLY on the night tour. Unfortunately, since the tours are taking you to see animals in the wild, we cannot guarantee to see a particular bird or animal while on your tour during the day. The captains are exceptionally good at finding wildlife, but there are times of the year and times of the day that are it is harder to find things. Most animals do not like extreme weather so try to avoid going on the airboat during the middle of the day during the warm months, and the mornings during the cold months. We do however guarantee to see alligators on the night tour. This is when they come out to feed. Night tours do not go out in weather colder than 55 degrees


Is there an additional cost for other activities at the park?

If you purchase an airboat ride, you’ll be able to experience our butterfly garden as part of admission. If you’d like to feed the butterflies, there’s an additional, minimal cost involved.

You can visit the park without an airboat reservation too which includes experiencing our butterfly garden.

Additional costs to admission include:
– Gemstone & Fossil mining
– Butterfly Feeding (You can walk through the butterfly garden for free)
– Gator Pond Feeding
– Dining/Restaurant


Will I get wet?

Typically, not. There is a possibility of a slight mist from the airboat or the rare random rain shower while out but nothing that should require a change of clothes.


Can I bring a wheelchair onto the boat?

While you are not able to get a wheelchair onto the boat, our ramps are accessible all the way down to the boats. If you can be lifted with the assistance of YOUR party, getting on to the boat should not be an issue as it is only a couple of steps down.


How close is parking and what is the cost?

Parking is FREE and located steps away from our ticket booth. There’s even enough parking for tour buses and cars without any issues.

Are there age restrictions?

Children under the age of 6 are required to wear our Coast Guard approved life jackets. Don’t worry, we’ll provide life jackets for all guests.


Do you provide ear protection and life jackets?

Yes, Boggy Creek provides both ear protection and life jackets for all guests upon request.


Can I schedule a 30-minute ride?

30-minute airboat rides are the only rides that don’t require a reservation. After you purchase online or via the phone, just come anytime between 9AM – 5PM and we’ll get you on our next available 30-minute ride. Remember…these rides are first come, first served. Please arrive 30 minutes before you’d like to experience your airboat ride.


How much is gemstone mining and how does it work?

We have mining bucket options available that cost between $7 and $50 dollars. You would purchase a bucket of your choice and head over to our mining sluice. Once there, grab a sand sifter. Using the small shovel, begin shoveling your gemstone bucket into the sand sifter. Then place the sand sifter in the water and allow the water to run through it revealing your gemstones and fossils. The activity is self-paced and can last anywhere from 30-minutes to 1 hour for full family enjoyment. Any gemstones and fossils you find, you keep.

What is the wait time like for 30-minute rides?

This varies drastically based on how busy the park is. Typically, no more than 30 minutes, but you’re welcome to call ahead to check the wait time before heading out to see us.


What is the difference between a 30-minute and 1-hour tour?

Double the time is double the fun! The longer you are out in nature, the better the opportunity you’re going to see wildlife. We offer two different lengths to cater to different families and their schedules. We advise against bringing very young children on hour tours during the hottest months.


Do you provide transportation to and from the resorts?

Boggy Creek partners with 2 companies that provide combo tickets which include transportation. Real Florida Adventures (407) 573-2535 and Gray Line Orlando (407) 522-5911.


What is the latest I can arrive for a 30-minute tour?

The last regular 30-minute tour starts around 5:30 pm. You must arrive by 5 pm to get on the last boat. The Airboat Captains stay until the passengers who have arrived by 5pm are all out on a ride.


How many people can fit in one boat?

Our regular boats typically hold up to 17 people but sometimes less for comfort. If all passengers are in one group, we can have up to 17 based on comfort.


Are dogs allowed in the park or on boats?

Service dogs are always welcome both in the park and on boats. We’d like to mention that the boats are quite loud and even the most well-trained dogs sometimes have a hard time. Most dogs get upset on the boats. If we must return to shore, you will lose the cost of your ride.


Food allergy accommodations at restaurants?

Boggy Creek works very hard to accommodate food allergies and restrictions. Letting kitchen staff know ahead of time will allow us to provide the most memorable dining experience for our guests.


What should I wear?

“Come as you are but consider weather.” – in the cooler months and evenings, coats/jackets are recommended as the ride can be a bit chilly. If it’s an extra cold day you are even welcome to bring a blanket.


Will I need sunscreen or bug spray?

Sunscreen is always recommended. The reflection of the sun on the water intensifies the UV rays. If you are sensitive to mosquitoes, spray yourself ahead of time. You will be moving most of the tour. Both sunscreen and bug spray are sold in our gift shop.


Weather delays/cancellations:

It’s a rare occurrence that we would completely shut down operations. If inclement weather occurs, we’ll go on a weather delay until conditions change. Any ride cancelled due to weather will be refunded or rescheduled based on customers availability.


How fast do our boats go?

Our airboats can go up to 45 mph, but we prefer to travel at less speeds for the safety and comfort of our guests and wildlife. Private tours offer a bit more customization.


How often will the airboats stop?

This decision is up to the Airboat Captain. Your captains know the marshlands well and will stop any time they see something they would like to show the group and/or discuss.


What wildlife will I see?

Please note, all animals that could be seen on an airboat ride are wild animals in their natural habitat and sightings are not guaranteed. There’s lots of animals you can see ranging from alligators, deer, frogs, snakes, turtles, a large variety birds, including birds of prey and so much more!


Do you offer discounts?

We offer military and first responder, senior, Florida resident, AAA discounts – all of which are 10% and cannot be combined with other discounts. These are only offered on certain rides.


Do you offer other airboat rides besides 30-minute and 1-hour tours?

Yes, we also offer Sunset and Night tours. These rides require reservation in advance and are 1-hour airboat rides. Please arrive 1 hour prior to your scheduled reservation time.

We also offer 30- minute and 1-hour VIP tours. VIP tours reserve an airboat just for your group. No other passengers will be on the boat with you. VIP tours are seasonal, and prices may vary.


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