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Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures FAQ’s


Tour Information


You need reservations for all 1 hour tours. (1 Hour day, Sunset, Night)

The 30 minute does not need reservations-they leave from 10am-4pm 365 Days A Year. Please check in by 5:00 PM to go on the last tour of the day.

When is BEST TIME to go?

  • Winter– We suggest you come when it warms up a bit in the middle of the day.
  • Spring– You can usually come anytime of the day, but early afternoon can have some spring rain showers.
  • Summer- The best time in summer is the night ride. (During the summer this tour leaves at 9:00 PM) The alligators feed at night when it’s hot. It’s also cooler when the sun is down. If you can’t make the night ride we suggest early in the morning. We open at 10:00 AM
  • Fall- The same as Spring


We take you into the headwaters of the Everglades to look for natural wildlife. We have one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles in the world. We also have turtles, raccoons, wild hogs, armadillos, deer and an array of birds such as Sandhill Cranes, Blue Herons, Osceola Turkey, Snail Kites, Osprey, Snowy Egret, Spoonbill, Wood Stork.


The longer you are out on the airboat the better chance you have to see more wildlife. The one-hour ride takes you further into the swamps then the ½ hour tour and is more personalized and takes you places the big boats can’t go. The night tour is the only one we guarantee to see alligators. All tours are on a 17 passenger airboat except the one hour VIP ride which is on a 6 passenger boat.

Is there a GUARANTEE to see alligators?

ONLY on the night tour. Unfortunately, since the tours are taking you to see animals in the wild we cannot guarantee to see any particular thing while on your tour during the day. The captains are very good at finding wildlife, but there are times of the year and times of the day that it’s harder to find things. Most animals don’t like extreme weather so try to avoid going on the airboat during the middle of the day during the warm months, and the mornings during the cold months. We do however guarantee to see alligators on the night tour. This is when they come out to feed. Night tours do not go out in weather colder than 50ºF.

What do you WEAR? (Clothing, Shoes)

Wear comfortable clothing. We suggest you dress warmer than you are comfortable since in the wind on the water is at least 10 degrees cooler. (Make sure to bring a jacket for night tours even when it’s warm out.) You can wear any shoes you are comfortable in. Please be aware you will be stepping in and out of the boat so make sure you are sturdy in them.

Do you get WET?

You do not typically get wet. You may get some light spray during your tour.

Do you go out in the RAIN?

We do not operate tours during rain, but we do not close when it rains. We just delay tours until the rain stops. (Florida weather is very unpredictable, so it typically only rains for a very short time.)



The park is open from 10:00am to 4pm 7 days a week


The best ages for mining is 3 and up

Yes you can keep all your treasures you mine (buckets are not included)


You can go throughout 20 acres of the 32 acre park.



The restaurant is open from 10:00am-4:00pm. 7 days a week.

What to bring or what is supplied


We do not require a waiver to ride on our tours.


You will be in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour so it depends on your skin tone. The sun is stronger on the water so be prepared.


You are welcome to apply mosquito repellent, but the boat is moving most of the tour and when it stops it’s not typically long enough for them to get to you.  If you are hyper sensitive to mosquitos, we do recommend repellent.


Life vests can be found under the seat and in the front of the boat. Children 6 and under are required to wear a life vest.


All our passengers are provided with hearing protection prior to riding on our airboat tours.

Other questions


Tours are safe and fun for everyone – all ages are welcome. We do not have a minimum age or height requirement for our tours. A child under 2 can sit on your lap or ride beside you. They usually enjoy the ride, but some have a problem with the noise and/or wearing a life vest which is required for children under 6.


We do not have a transportation company at this time. We can only recommend getting an Uber or to use a commercial company.


We have a complimentary wheelchair for the park. We are handicap accessible, we are not able to have a wheelchair on the boat. Wheelchairs can get all the way to the boat. There are 3 steps into the boat which is pretty easy to maneuver.


Service animals must be on a leash and in control at all times in the park. The Captain can allow service animals on the boat however if they deem the animal is not in control and could cause a risk for other passengers, then he may refuse boarding on the boat.


Riding an airboat is like riding any other type of boat. Please check with your doctor prior to riding on one of our tours to make sure you do not have any restrictions to being on a boat.


Tours of party spaces can be arranged by contacting Lauren Long

For reservations & information, please contact Lauren Long or 321-284-8592

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