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Native American Jororo Village - Learn a Primitive Way of Living at the Native American Village.

The Native American Village is Exclusive to Boggy Creek!

Towering Chickee Huts cover genuine artifacts and hand-made creations from the Native American culture. You will appreciate the deeply rooted techniques of the forgotten Jororo Tribe that once thrived in Central Florida.

See our authentic Native American village replica featuring the rooms of each member of a traditional Native family and how they survived on the swamps. The village is a living history museum that is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Towering chickee huts cover genuine artifacts and hand-made creations of the Big Mountain Native American family.

You can book an interactive lesson with Little Big Mountain on our website for an additional fee. One Family at a time!

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Native American Education and Entertainment 

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Gator Skull-Boggy-Creek-Airboat-Rides-Best-airboat-tours-in-Orlando-Indian-Village-4.jpgOn your private demonstration you will have the opportunity to witness Little Big Mountain

  • Describe how the Jororo’s lived through the village walk-through
  • Demonstrate and explain the evolution of the Weapon
  • Gator Hunt techniques and examples of tools and techniques from the old ways.

Customize an Educational Program for your Family or Group

Our team at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures is dedicated to educating visitors about Florida’s history and natural resources.

Through various presentations, the Big Mountain Family will demonstrate the primitive means of living of the Jororo Tribe that once lived on the Kissimmee River hundreds of years ago therefore they were essentially “The Forgotten Tribe of Florida” What we know today is based on archeology and storytelling that is passed on through their descendants. The tribe first appeared in Spanish records in the 1680’s and lived exclusively by lakes and rivers.

Deeply rooted appreciation for their heritage is brought to life through traditional stories of their culture that once thrived in Central Florida.

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